Benoît et Paola – Tre storie d'amore

Benoît et Paola

  • Director: Alessandra Müller
  • Script: Alessandra Müller
  • Camera: Alessandra Müller
  • Sound: N. Champandale
  • Editing: Samuela Rinaldi
  • Music: Gabriel Scotti
  • Original version: french + english
  • Amka Films Savosa

Tre storie d'amore (Three love stories)

CH / 2004 / trilogy (1/3) / Beta-Sp / 30′ 31”

How long can you regularly be apart from your partner because of mutual work opportunities that separate you? How long before you remember that certain kind of look or smile, without looking at her/his picture? How about the closeness to other people she/he can’t feel because she/he’s not here?