Barbara Adesso – not feeling like a mother

Barbara Adesso

  • Written and directed by : Alessandra Gavin-Müller
  • Director of photography: Ariel Salati
  • Editing: Samuela Rinaldi
  • Soundtrack: Roberto Pianca  (theme song R.Pianca and Pamela Mèndez)
  • Amka Films Productions
  • Co-production: RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera
  • Cristina Zamboni, Giuliano Gavin, Anna Gavin, Roberto Molo, Margherita Coldesina, Tommaso Carnabucci, Erik Bernasconi, Margherita Schoch, Noa e Riccardo Gatti, Roberto Albin

Having a child and not feeling like a mother

CH / 2018/ 80′ / v.o. it, engl subt.

Barbara, in her forties, has a child and a husband, but she doesn’t feel like a mother. No mother instinct rescues her. She leaves, convinced that there would be more damage if she stayed. How will she find her way after this radical choice?

Seules les tribus survivront

  • Director: Alessandra Müller
  • Script: Alessandra Müller
  • Camera: Joseph Areddy
  • Sound: Olivier Colace
  • Editing: Xavier Ruiz
  • Voice: Fabrice Lambercy
  • Original version: french
  • Aleprod Geneva

Only tribes will survive

CH / 1997 / super-8<16mm / 30′

Family, Society, Utopias are falling apart. Really? Bunches of young people, in a city around water, are building their own places, taking over locations they need for their own version of living together. A marketing-man looks for them, thinking he could find a new consumer target. But he doesn’t understand that only tribes will survive.