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Un’isola chiamata Medoscio

What is left of the sanatorium that cured Andrea Artoni’s tuberculosis, when he was a boy, and changed his life?

Tutto parte sempre da un luogo

“ARCHI” n° 4, Rivista svizzera di architettura, ingegneria e urbanistica. Luoghi e architetture del cinema, p.81

Seules les tribus survivront

Family, Society, Utopias are falling apart. Really?

Révolution ou évolution?

A film installation project, with social worker Emilia Colombi and artist Francesca Reyes-Cortorreal.

In Vivo

75 site specific works in the city of Geneva, by 75 artists, curated by Gianni Motti and Gilles Porret.

Exterior via Interior

An architectural project with Blaise Sahy, part of a competition.

Diario di un distacco

Leave all you built in a small city to move to Berlin with the whole family.

Desmond resta qui

A young african man built his life in Ticino but must leave.

Benoît et Paola

How long can you regularly be apart from your partner because of mutual work opportunities that separate you?

Barbara Adesso

Barbara, in her forties, has a child and a husband, but she doesn’t feel like a mother.

144 La Chiamata

It’s the rescue number. It looks like a call centre but it saves lives.

¿Donde està Sara Gómez?

Who was Sarita Gómez, afrocuban film maker who died young in the 70ies and left husband, children, family ?