”¿Donde està Sara Gómez?“ – Photo: Sara Gómez on the shoot of "De Cierta Manera" ©ICAIC

¿Donde està Sara Gómez?

  • Director: Alessandra Müller
  • Script: Alessandra Müller
  • Camera: Fulvio Mariani
  • Sound: Germinal Hernández
  • Editing: Samuela Rinaldi
  • Music: Gabriel Scotti
  • Original version: spanish + french
  • Subtitles: english
  • Production: Tiziana Soudani, Amka Films
  • Co-production: Iceberg Films

Where is Sara Gómez?

CH / 2005 / Beta-D / 76′

Who was Sarita Gómez, afrocuban film maker who died young in the 70ies and left husband, children, family, and who knew her and worked with her, to regret her? What is left of her vision of life, of her way to try and bring together opposites? By telling the shoot of her fiction “De Cierta Manera”, this film tries to explore her destiny and where she is to be found now.